About Us

Welcome to Gomammut

Gomammut is a group of people who love vacation as much as wildlife, fresh air, and the country’s side. We live by prioritizing the time we spend traveling with family or friends, exploring nature, and not forgetting our environment.

I know you're here to learn about us but let's talk about you first.

You love vacations, right?
Do you want to leave the noise and drowsiness of daily life temporarily?
Do you feel you're kind of choked up and need some breathing space?

If you answer yes, then what you need is a relaxing outdoor experience in a natural environment. I guess that you would love to go camping as well.

This is where we come in. Gomammut is a topnotch producer of camping equipment for the best overlanding experience. We exist to make your outdoor adventure worthwhile.

Why We Choose Overlanding

Here at Gomammut, we believe overlanding is one of the most exciting adventures you can ever embark on.

It starts with taking a drive into distant lands. Sometimes, the terrains are rough and challenging, but quite fun. You will indeed explore new places and enjoy new sites, but overlanding doesn't end in self-discovery and unparalleled adventure.

The relief that comes with such road trips is second to none. It creates new memories and allows you to caress the bounties of nature.

Our Journey

Our overland and camping journey began in 2007 when we started traveling in the USA’s most remote places.

It was pretty fun, up until it became a little uncomfortable sleeping on the ground. At other times, finding a good campsite was pretty impossible.

At first, it was rocky, because we had to use a couple of years to experiment and look for the best camping solution. Eventually, we found a solution, and it's been amazing thus far.

Gomammut builds top-notch rooftop tents using the best materials in the industry and still keeping the price low.

We make our tents easy to assemble, comfortable, convenient, and conducive to give you and your family an outstanding camping experience.

Our tents are light, yet tough enough to keep you protected from elements while enjoying the outdoors.