Alex Gomez & Barbara Gomez


Hey Guys, we are Alex and Barbara from Zona Overland. We love sharing our adventure with our videos and photography, we are both originally from Venezuela and we try to spend most of our weekends exploring the North Central area of the United States in our Jeep Gladiator. We picked the GoMammut Team for our rooftop tent because we know that we will have a comfortable and dry place to sleep during those cold nights, like being at home away from home, and also because of their united Overland community where we all share a common goal, that it is to look for a new adventure.

Bucket list places 2023 

Death Valley, Michigan Upper Peninsula, Ozarks, South Dakota and montana.

What’s your best camping meal?

Steak, pizza, Venezuelan Arepas, pasta.

Tips for new campers

Go with what you have and you will find out that you don’t need much more to have a great time. And plans are great but being spontaneous is even better.

What inspired you to become an Overlander?

Since I can remember being an explorer has been part of my spirit, my wife also feels the same way and we both love the opportunity to drive, explore and enjoy the outdoors. We spent so much time in offices that I wanted a lifestyle change. Camping makes us feel free and we heal our souls whenever we go out to nature.



Gomammut Tent 

Bison defender / Khaki color with insulation


2021 Jeep gladiator Rubicon

“Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell”