Andres Correa 

Digital creator/Overlander 

Hello! I am Andres Correa from Sandbox Off Road, and my family and I are adventure enthusiasts. We love to go hiking, sightseeing, and of course explore rougher terrain using motor vehicles. Our vessel to adventures is a 2021 Jeep Gladiator that is outfitted with parts for self-reliant travel and access to remote areas. After a long day of creating memories, we always look forward to setting up camp and eventually making our way to our comfortable and inviting Gomammut Bison roof top tent, where we know we’ll get a great night of sleep. Keep an eye out for us out in the trails and be sure to say hello if you see us! We look forward to sharing our adventures with you guys - stay up to date with us on IG by following Jeep_Cafetero.

what’s your best camping meal?

Colombian hot dogs, steak and asparagus, pasta and Tacos.

Tips for new campers 

Pack less. If you don't really need it, it just gets in the way. That said we can never get this right!

What inspired you to become a camper? 

"When you camp you have things to do just to live. I love that. It’s the fact that nothing comes too easy. It’s earning your supper.
 There are few times in our lives when we can feel truly free. I would say that camping is one of those times when all that matters is satisfying basic needs. Sitting around a campfire, with a full belly, good company and a nice beer are one of life’s simplest and most beautiful pleasures.”


North Carolina

Gomammut Tent

Bison defender / Grey color with insulation

Bucket list places 2023 

Baja California, Patagonia and Montana


2021 Jeep Gladiator