Travis Fichtner

Overlander/Army Veteran

Hey guys! I’m Travis, an Army veteran. I usually spend my weekends exploring or finding new things to do outdoors. I love the outdoors, off-roading and sitting by a campfire which is why I built my Tundra to be able to accommodate all of those things. I’m trying to travel as much as possible although it’s not always easy having the free time. If you’re on the east coast feel free to reach out to me and maybe we’ll run into each other on the trails one day!

Bucket list places 2023 

Oregon, Utah, Colorado and Great Smoky Mountains

What’s your best camping meal?

Eggs with steak and Hash browns

Tips for new campers

Pack less. If you don't really need it, it just gets in the way. That said we can never get this right!

What inspired you to become an Overlander?

Since I can remember being an explorer has been part of my spirit, my wife also feels the same way and we both love the opportunity to drive, explore and enjoy the outdoors. We spent so much time in offices that I wanted a lifestyle change. Camping makes us feel free and we heal our souls whenever we go out to nature.


Upstate, NY

Gomammut Tent 

Bison Defender / Grey color


Toyota Tundra 2021